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For Dean Slade from Dig N Dirt Landscapes, there is no greater satisfaction than collaborating on a plan with his clients and bringing that vision to life.

“I do a whole range of garden and landscaping work, but for me, the real thrill is in completely transforming a dull, dead space in the garden and making it beautiful and functional”, Dean said. 

“I just love to see the excitement in my customer’s eyes when the job is done. It is an incredible opportunity to make a huge difference, not only to the look, feel and livability of the garden, but also the value of the property.”

With ten years of experience in landscaping, Dean can handle an incredibly broad range of work, from concreting, gardening and landscaping, retaining walls, to stone and block work, laying turf and paving.

They say “a picture paints a thousand words”, and we are happy to let the before and after shots of Dean’s work do the talking. 

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