Regenerative Designs, Justin Nigh

For Justin Nigh, garden design is not just about creating a beautiful space, but also supporting sustainability, growing healthy delicious food and maximising natural resources.

While Justin can both design and build sustainable and permaculture gardens, he primarily assists DIY-ers to plan their gardens to manage water flow and reduce waste.

Often times, people spend tens of thousands of dollars on plants, and go ahead and plant them without a clear understanding of the best planting methods and placement to ensure optimum results in both plant growth and yield.

But Justin does not focus on permaculture exclusively. He takes aspects of permaculture that are pertinent to every garden and shows his clients how to implement them in more traditional garden designs.

In particular, Justin explains how to maximise precious rainfall so that every drop of moisture is channelled back into the soil, rather than draining away.
He also advises clients how to design around local native plants to create gardens that require less water and maintenance. Perfect for those who enjoy relaxing in their garden, rather than being a slave to it.

Justin can consult with you on your design, or he can go ahead and implement the design for you.

Contact: 0499 272 933


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