Rock Solid Landscapes

If you have just built a new house, you will know that the final job to pull it all together, is the landscaping. And while you are busily nesting in your lovely new home, the last thing you will want to be doing, is trying to make something special on a construction site.

That is where you can call on the expertise of Kevin Blacker and the team at Rock Solid Landscapes. Kevin specialises in new house landscaping and can take your block from dirty and bare, to fabulous much faster than you can imagine.

Kevin can help you to create a beautiful outdoor living space that is the right match for your lifestyle, so you can get on with creating memories in your new home, with family and friends.

In fact, Kevin is so expert at this type of landscaping, that his skills are regularly called on by some of the Coast’s leading construction companies.

Kevin can also help you turn your existing yard into your own piece of paradise. His equipment is specialised to deal with the removal of existing, tired lawn, and general rubbish off your site. Rock Solid has skip bins for rubbish removal, Kangas, which are small bobcats, perfect for tight access to prepare areas for turfing, a 1.7 tonne excavator for tight access (with an auger), Power Rakes, which remove existing lawn and rejuvenate depleted soil, and a turfcutter for grass removal.

So if you are looking for a specialist in any of these jobs, give Kevin a call to see how you can whip your garden into shape in no time.

Rock Solid Landscapes
Kevin Blacker
p: 0411 394 916


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